Hwy 93 Overpass

Highway 93 Wildlife Crossings

The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) and the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) began discussing and sharing ideas on constructing wildlife crossings for the eastern Elko County mule deer population in 2006. The overpass crossing would function primarily for the migratory mule deer sub-herd involving approximately 5,000 individuals travelling 80-110 miles each fall and spring that cross at or within two miles of the 10-mile Summit on U.S, Highway 93. The 10-mile Summit site has one of the highest concentrations of collisions and due to the landscape and width of the road; it provided the site with the fewest challenges and the greatest potential for success for a wildlife crossing overpass.

NDOT completed the 10-Mile Summit overpass design in early 2009. The bid was awarded during the spring of 2009. Construction began in August 2009 and was suspended in December 2009 due to winter weather and extreme cold temperatures. Construction was restarted in March 2010 and completed by July 2010.

The first season after completion, monitoring of mule deer approaching and successfully crossing the overpass was conducted. Ninety-six percent of mule deer approaching the structure successfully crossed to the opposite side of the highway.

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