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Welcome to The Nevada Wildlife Plate Website

This site is exclusively dedicated to assisting you in obtaining the special Nevada “Support Wildlife” license plate. Your support will be used to build Interactive Wildlife Interpretive Centers and other Wildlife projects in Nevada.

The Foundation provides scholarships for those dedicating their careers to wildlife management. The Foundation is also developing other programs that will promote public knowledge of Nevada’s wildlife and its delicate habitat.

If you chose to purchase the Support Wildlife Plate you will receive one $25.00 Gift Card that is valid for any purchase from one of our partners in your area.

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The Support Wildlife License Plate

The “Support Wildlife” plate features the Nevada State Animal, The Desert Bighorn Sheep, Ovis canadensis nelsoni). The Desert Bighorn has been the state animal of Nevada since 1973. NRS 235.070

How will the funds be used

Interactive Wildlife Interpretive Centers are being designed at this time. The initial center is intended for Northern Nevada. The Foundation intends to fund scholarships for college students and others pursuing wildlife course work. Other projects are being considered as funds become available.

How much does a Wildlife License Plate cost?

Standard Plate: $61.00 (Initial) $25.00 (Annual) | Amount to cause: $30.00 (Initial) $20.00 (Annual)

Personalized Plate: $96.00 (Initial) $50.00 (Annual) | Amount to cause: $30.00 (Initial) $20.00 (Annual)

Where can I purchase a Wildlife License Plate?
At any Department of Motor Vehicles in Nevada
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